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Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Andersen Salts Alive (previously known as Salts of Life) bath and body line was born by focusing only on the cell salt elements from the Gavée Gold anti-aging skincare collection and inspired by TruFusion yoga studio. Tiffany, a top Las Vegas aesthetician, holistic health practitioner and stage IV cancer survivor, set out to create a skincare line that utilized high-performing natural elements in high concentrations and no toxic chemicals.

Her story began 25 years ago after she suffered a catastrophic car accident that almost left her paralyzed. The damage done to her body from the accident left her barely able to filter toxins and later led to her stage IV cancer and led her down a path to help rejuvenate her body. Her search to help rejuvenate her body.

She enlisted support from experts in holistic health and beauty—MDs, biochemists, clinical pharmacists, and specialized chemists—who understand the value of organically purified elements.

Tiffany and her team developed a unique process of purifying elements over time to extract living minerals from nature’s most precious resources such as herbs, metals, gems, and minerals. This process was first introduced into Tiffany’s anti-aging skincare collection, Gavée Gold, and has proven to be highly effective.


Gavée Gold Collection
Gavée Gold has garnered significant recognition from the highly acclaimed Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers And Distributors (ICMAD) City Awards event, winning Cosmetic Innovator of the year in 2016, as well as press from LA Times, CBS’ The Doctors, Hallmark Home and Family, Cosmetic World, and more. In less than one year of its launch, Gavée Gold captured the attention of one of the hottest yoga studios in Las Vegas, TruFusion, as they sought an organic bath and body line to offer their members. A partnership was formed and Salts Alive was born – utilizing elements from the exclusive proprietary blend in the Gavée Gold Collection.