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Cell Salts

Cell Salts are the minerals that make up 75% of the body with water and are 80% more bioavailable than any other salt on the market.

The cell salts in Tiffany Andersen’s Salts Alive formulas have been organically purified over time–like a fine wine.


Highly bioavailable
Absorbs 80% better than all other salts
Restores balance and proper function to skin and hair
Nourishes with vital mineral cell salts


Helps Hydrate
Helps Clean
Helps Rejuvenate

Why Cell Salts?

Our Cell Salts are not a chunk of rock salt or sea water. They are extracted living minerals that are fundamental to the health of our cells. They contain minerals such as calcium sulfate, which, like oxygen, is vital to our health, skin, and hair and are very potent due to our technical extraction process. Our cell salts are devoid of the “saltiness” you get from Dead Sea salts or other mineral salts, leaving you only the enriched minerals needed for therapeutic use.

Who Discovered Cell Salts?

Dr. Schuessler (1821-1898) first pioneered facial diagnosis for deficiencies of cell salts, which was later confirmed and studied further by Dr. Hickethier (1891-1958). There are numerous studies on the benefits of cell salts. Our team of experts is responsible for introducing the first cell salts organically extracted over time (30 years like a fine wine) to increase in potency.

Cell Salt Formula

“What sets Salts Alive apart from other bath and body lines is our active ingredients that are in greater concentrations due to our advanced extraction process. This is not a ‘mass chemical procedure’ –  it is an intricate process which requires years to extract the living minerals as they naturally increase in potency over time. Our team of experts have been  using this process for over 40 years and have granted us with exclusive rights to these highly purified cell salts that have been organically extracted over time, like a fine wine.“ – Founder & CEO, Tiffany Andersen