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Spa Tips

To achieve healthy glowing hair you must nourish to the root. Over-stripping with harsh cleansers will leave hair dry and lifeless. Best to wash your hair 2-3 times a week at the most.

Trimming the dead ends every two months is ideal. Split ends will continue to split up into the hair shaft when not removed often enough.

Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible. Blow dryers and curling irons cause heat damage.

If you color your hair use non-formaldehyde organic color. Ask your hairdresser what they are using. You can find healthy color replacements online.

Using the Cell Salt Restore moisturizing conditioner as a mask treatment, leaving it on for ten minutes once a week for damaged hair will help restore lost minerals that are vital to the health of the hair.

Dry brushing before using the Cell Salt Glow body face and polish will stimulate the immune system, purifying the lymphatic system and energizing the body.

Our Cell Salt Enrich is infused with cooling essential oils that help relieve aching muscles without leaving you feeling like you have a strong synthetic arthritis rub on. The essential oils in this formula will help stimulate the body and put a “pep in your step.”